What to look for when selecting a Personal Trainer

Getting a personal trainer is a big decision. You want someone to help you get to your fitness goals, now what?

Some of the benefits of working with a personal trainer:

·       Trainers are a great way to get started in the gym, they'll help you feel comfortable in the gym and teach you the exercises properly from day one.

·       Trainers can see the things that you might be missing, correct your movement patterns and make your exercises safer and more efficient.

·       Having a training session means you're committed to getting in a workout that day. It will help you prioritize your fitness and health goals.

·       No more second guessing, they'll build the program for you and keep you on track.

·       Trainers are a plethora of knowledge and resources. No more searching the internet for answers to your questions.

·       Personal training gets you results. 

We could go on, but if you didn't have an idea of how beneficial trainers are, you wouldn't be reading this blog post. Likely, you've already looked at a few training options, different gyms or independent trainers - in Vancouver there are no shortage of options out there. Big box, independent, boutique studio or boot camp in the park, there is an overwhelmingly large selection out there.

Hiring a personal trainer is often not a low-budget endeavor, so you want to make sure that you're making the right choice. We've worked with hundreds of clients over the years, we've heard amazing stories and some lack luster ones along the way. We've compiled a few recommendations for you to consider when looking for a trainer.

What you should be asking when you are considering a personal trainer:

Are they certified?

Seems like a no brain-er, right? It's not uncommon to find people advertising their services who aren't currently certified or aren't finished the certification process. While they typically charge a lower rate and are super eager, the disadvantages far outweigh the discounted price.

If they aren't certified, that means they aren't insured. If something happens, there's nothing to protect you. Injuries do happen, that's why insurance for trainers exists! Even missing a few days of work will cost you more than saving a few bucks on your sessions.

Certifications teach you a ton of information. Developing the ability to take that from sheet of paper to apply it to a walking talking human being takes time and practice. The certification process gives them the opportunity to practice what they have learned in the real world. Let them practice on the other students, not you!

Are they someone you can see yourself spending a few hours every week with?

Face it, if you're consistent with your training, you're going to be spending more time with your trainer than you might spend with some of your friends. A sure fire way to make sure that you make it in to your sessions is ensuring that you and your trainers personalities are compatible.

The more compatible you are, the easier it is to develop trust with the person who is going to be challenging you physically and sometimes mentally too. Your trainer is going to help guide you through your fitness journey. They will cheer for you every step of the way and be there for you when you might not be feeling motivated. It really is a personal relationship that gets built when you find the right match!

What is their training style? Is it compatible with you and your goals?

One of our favorite analogies is there's 1000 ways to bake a cake, (I know this is a training blog but stick with me here. Just think: cake = results), and following the recipe carefully, every time you're going to get a cake (results). However, life is always better when you get the kind of cake you enjoy!

What were saying here, is every trainer has their own "recipe" or style when it comes to training. It isn't that some training styles are shown to be more efficient than others, but a training style is going to combination of a few different things. A training style is influenced by a trainer's personal fitness experience, certification, passions, their past clients and what they think you need from them; all wrapped up into one.

If you're looking to compete in a bodybuilding show, someone who's well versed in competing and coaching for shows is going to be better suited to your goals. Another example is if you've never been in the gym before, you'll be better matched with someone who is experienced in properly instructing the fundamentals of movement.

Trainers are very versatile, but we all shine in different aspects of training. Make sure you and your trainer's styles are in-sync will make the workouts more enjoyable for both of you!


Combat Club Fitness is a fitness studio located in Vancouver, BC. Working out of our studio we have over 20 personal trainers with over 60 combined years of personal training experience. We always offer complimentary fitness assessments with one of the managers who can walk you through the available trainers. Well go over their certifications, personalities and training style to ensure you’re able to select the right trainer for your goals.

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