Getting the most out of your workout

Setting aside time for the gym can be a struggle sometimes. That might be an understatement. Work, family, social obligations and everything else we juggle on a daily basis usually doesn’t leave us with a ton of time for ourselves or the gym.

When you do manage to prioritize that workout and get into that gym for precious “me time” - you want to make sure that you’re getting the most out of it. After all, you don’t have time to waste. We’ve compiled a few our our favorite tips for getting the most out of your workout!

Make sure your body is fueled for your workout

Grabbing a quick snack, 30-45 minutes before your workout, is a simple way to make sure your body is fueled for a workout. You’re going to want to pick something simple and lighter, this ensures that your body will have time to digest and you won’t feel that snack while training.

Our favorite quick snacks include:

  • banana

  • fruit smoothie

  • protein bar

  • dried fruits/nuts

  • in a pinch - chocolate milk!

Ensure you warm up properly

It should only take 10-15 minutes, but if you warm up for your workout (an not just a set with the bar before you add weight on) it will drastically improve the quality of your workout.

Your best bet for your warm up should include

  • light cardio to get the blood flowing

  • SMR to get rid of any knots/tension points

  • core/glute/lat activation

  • balance/proprioceptive work (1).jpg

Challenge yourself appropriately

At the end of every workout you want to feel accomplished and able to get on with your busy day. It can be hard to know if you put in enough work in the gym to see results.

A few golden rules to go by

  • pick 6-8 exercises and perform 3 sets of each

  • the last 2-3 reps should be really challenging, but not impossible

  • if you can’t complete the rep range with the weight you have, drop to a lighter weight to finish out the reps

Reward yourself with the nutrients to recover

You finished your workout high-five - now its time to repair that muscle tissue and get ready for what life has to throw at you next. Having a protein and a carb source post workout is a great way to recover and make sure you’re getting stronger, faster and fitter with every workout. Your body needs nutrients to recover, and post workout is a crucial time.

Here are some perfect combos for post workout snacks

  • protein shake and fruit

  • greek yogurt and berries

  • chicken, veg and rice

  • tuna and crackers

Remember - some is always better than none when it comes to fitness. Fitting in what you can, when you can is going to get you further than waiting until you have enough time!

Let us know in the comments below what your favorite workout tip is.

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